Tanjung Bunut's Labu dan Labi...

Once upon a time there lived 2 brothers named Labu and Labi...

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Then they saw a camera to which they thought it'd be cool to strike a Awang Budiman pose...

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Here they are with their mummy dearest Dayang Tau Keh Niu...

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Labu was singing along to classic song "Getaran Jiwa" by legendary P. Ramlee maybe?

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Practicing early for Hari Raya to get more green packets...

Then they kena rasuk hantu (possessed) by the Chinese "Jiang Sze" or should i say Chinese vampires...

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I'm sure we'll get the Bruneian citizenship without any problem! :D


Since Lens Len tagged me i'll just make her happy and answer whatever this is, otherwise she'll think i'm so emo.

5 things found in my bag
-I don't carry bags around...even if i do, it'll either be my laptop bag or my sports bag which consists of shirts and towels. Sorry to "potong steam" but i'm a guy lah..haha!

5 things found in my wallet
- Money
- Picture of me, Farah, Mun and Uc back in school
- Cards (I/C, membership cards, name cards, etc)
- My only 'goodbye' note from Uc back when i left for KL
- Driving license

5 favorite things in my room
- My computer
- My Ikea stuffs
- My cds / dvds collections
- My ceiling
- My bed!

5 things I've always wanted to do
- Have a long holiday The States and Korea
- Sing with Kang Ta / Meet him again!
- To be special in another person's life...
- Having a white christmas for once
- Being a better person in life!


In Him


f-il said…
OHH! So now you're officially Bruneian lah?

I don't know why but I feel a bit sad.

Don't mind me. ^^;

On another random note.. I thought I saw my name, then I saw it was my name, but then, you were not referring to me. Ahahah. ;P

- FARAH, the Hyesung fan? ;P
kangta164 said…
Lol...you're FaraHye! :P The other Farah is actually my friend here. Haha! Don't be sad la not like as if being a Bruneian will stop me from going KL to visit you guys.. :)
12uth said…
hey. Congrats on being a Bruneian. =) Hee.. I'll make sure I talk to you the next time I go back to Brunei. For a moment, I thought you were being a stuck-up cos you din talk to me the other night. Little did I know you lost your voice then. *pai-seh*
kangta164 said…
Lol Ron's not stuck up..no no! Even if he did not lose his voice, he's most probably quite shy to talk :P But yes, hopefully we'll talk the next time i see you. Unless i lose my voice again probably it's you that's the cause! Hehe! Kidding! :)

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