So close but yet so far...


Never expected this to happen. We've been through this so many times and from the start till now, there weren't any problems at all. I did brace myself several times in the past whenever you arrive, but then you never seemed to get into any problems at all. Finally when i decided to put my guard down, i just realized my nightmare has begun.

Why must it end like this? I was really excited when i heard you were coming. The moment i heard that you've left your place, anticipation began to build in inside of me. Finally when i knew that you were in town, i rushed all the way to fetch you. There you were, coming out...i stand in awe and was amazed by your beauty. After waiting for months, i've finally have you in my hands.

But, it was only for a mere few minutes that i've had you when things began to take a big turn. Now i couldn't even remember how you looked like then. I could recall the frustration building inside of me when i tried over and over to get you out from people that you defintely do not belong with, but to no avail. I'm sorry i failed you but i've tried. For now, i could only pray hard for your release. I hope that they will not end your life just like that, but at least to send you back to where you first came from.


Come back to me my CDs and DVD! They have no right to confiscate you from me! :(

In Him

(P/S: Anyone have friends/relatives working in the Pusat Islamiah Dakwah Centre? I need help!)


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