Baiburuk Bank "It's a great big world...with a crappiest bank!"

With response to Lulu asking why i hate Baiduri so much? Personally i've had so much issues with that bank especially with their services. That's the first thing. Try doing some transactions with them and i can assure you that none of them smile nor do they greet you. That's N-O-N-E! So much for 'world class service'. And for most of the Baiduri Bank i go to, it's always during peak hours that 1 and/or 2 out of counters are open. Consider yourself very lucky to find once or twice all counters open during peak hours because up till date, i've never actually did.

Last week was the worst that could've ever happened. I went and cashed out my company's cheque for my workers' salary and guess what? They've actually short changed me a total of $4,500! Not $45 you know, it's freakin' $4,500! That's RM$10,035 which is equivalent to 1,127 plates of Ikea Swedish Meatballs in KL!

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Gosh i just realized how much i missed them!

For your information, the total amount the i had to cash out was around $25,000 and you do not expect me to stand at the counter and count notes by notes there right? Plus, banks should be more accurate when it come to money since they're the one with the gadgets. I just want the money, not the counting.

In some sense, i'd say i'm really lucky that i was able to retrieve back the missing $4,500 otherwise, it might be coming out of my own pocket. Stupid bank for almost robbing me off my $4,500. Pffsh!

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