Ah yes, another movie that i managed to catch recently. It's been a while since i've watched much Asian horror movies cause ever since the release of "The Ring" and "Ju On", i tend to notice that the concept of ghosts in most Asian movies today are more or less the same. You know the long hair covering one eye with an open mouth coming at you sort of thing.

Anyway, from the directors of "Shutter", Alone gets you on the edge of your seat literally. Plus, i wouldn't suggest you watching this movie with people who are easily freaked out because their gestures will make you paranoid. I was sitting in between 2 people who got so freaked out till the extend of closing their ears prior to the scary part that when i saw them doing that, i did the same too. Haha...

The movie started out really great with shocking scenes that gets your adrenaline pumped up, but however towards the end, it got really bad. You know the type of movies where they love twisting the storyline that suddenly finshes with a rushing / drastic ending and it makes you go "Huh...That's it?!" Apparently this is one of them. There will come to a point in this movie where the ghost doesn't really seems so scary anymore and i just hate that. It's like there's no use for a ghost in a ghost movie all of a sudden.

But then again, i wouldn't say this is not a recommended movie. It just wouldn't make it to my list of 'must watch' horror moives if you just so happen to be free and you've got no movie in mind to watch, you can go for it. There are a bit of humour in this movie which is pretty funny. Oh, the accent of the Thai stars in this movie just makes it better. In fact their names in this movie are already funny enough to begin with. Pim and Ploy. Trust me, you'd be hearing a lot of Pim-ping in this movie.

Next on my list, Vacancy.

*drools* Kate Beckinsale

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