Yes, Zunic can!

I had fun helping out my gym with their promotion at The Mall during the weekend. Nervous, scared but yet...very exciting. Who would've thought i managed to pull off doing one of my weakest move in Body Pump in front of so many people not only for 1 day but for 2 days straight! The dreaded Lunges. Throughout the whole time, i kept feeling paranoid that my leg muscle would cramp up halfway through like how it usually would when i do them in the classes but funny enough for 2 days, no cramps at all. Probably the attention around kinda loosen up my muscles instead of causing them to be stiff? Haha. It was a pretty cool experience getting to show people how it's like working out with Les Mills program at Zunic Wellness and i gotta admit, it will be added on to my proudest achievement list. So far so good considering that i don't even have a resolution to begin with! As dodgy as this may sound, the gym did play a big role in helping me shedding the pounds. No, i'm not being paid for advertising. This is not Ronoabibas yet. :P

Body Combat was a little bit more tiring as there was a lot of kicking and punching (what more on a small stage!) where when we practiced back at the gym, we kinda over-estimated the size of the stage. So when we managed to check out the actual stage on the day, i think we had to add on the art of balancing to our moves to avoid kicking each other off the stage. Haha. I wasn't keen on participating in the first place but after giving much thoughts into it, since the gym did help play a role in my whole aspiration to lose the extra pounds, i figured it'd be nice enough at least to show people that it is possible. By the way, i'm not a health freak. I still munch on not-so-healthy snacks, i still feel lazy working out at times but as long as you put a bit of effort into bringing up that heart rate a bit every now and then, it's all good. Calories in, calories out. Simple as that. Lol.

So far for now, there's been a lot calories in and none out yet...haha! But hey, it is a celebration after all? To all my Chinese friends, i wish all of you a healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Forget about luck and wealth...main thing is to stay healthy!


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