New Year with iTunes...

I do apologize for my lazy updates lately. I haven't had much inspiration to blog as much as i used to, nor do i have stuffs to brighten up your day which i totally blame it on my bumming + not so inspiring life at the moment.

So how did everyone spend their New Year's? Mine was pretty simple. It was just me, my iTunes and the Hua Ho outside my house. That's how i spent my New Year. See, i've just decided to use iTunes for my songs when i got back from Hong Kong (i've been a Window Media Player user all these while) and for some reason, i find the whole album art thing You know, you scroll around for your song and you see the album art that stares back at you...

And of course, when you set it to shuffle and if it's your lucky day, iTunes will suddenly belt out an inner gay song you secretly dance to when you think no one's this Britney's hit.

Back to the iTunes bit, so i've been adding whatever albums i have in my harddisk and trying to just get it to look nice and all which led me to spending my New Year's day just googling up album art and pasting it on my iTunes. And right now, i think it still got like uh a gazillion more album art to update. Sweet.

I haven't had time to jot down my New Year's resolution yet, maybe a wee bit later or maybe i'll just let this year 'go with the flow'...

Yeah, flowin'....hehe.

I love you Leona!!

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