Kg. Ayer Tanjung Bunut

Another session of raining cats and dogs earlier tonight and look what do we have here?

OMG!!! IT'S P2F's TER!! *shrieeeksss* Right outside my house!!

Haha. Joke joke. He's just helping out his soon-to-be-officially-in-laws to move the cars. As usual, throughout the week, there's been a lot paranoia about when the 'great flood' is gonna happen again and seems like tonight would just be the night.

That was taken around 2.30am. The rain kinda went on and off a while but right now, it's starting to pour again. Time check, 4.25am. If it's gonna pour heavily for the next few more hours...things are gonna get a little bit nasty.

A toast to the next water village country!


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