Mid-year resolution?

We're exactly halfway through to 2008! Was it a slow year or a quick one for you? It felt pretty fast for me with so much 'life dramas' happening.

If you guys happened to do a list of New Year resolution earlier on like me, i would really encourage you guys to pause for a while, think of what you wanted to achieve then and then see where you've gotten so far with your list of resolutions.

These were my list posted earlier this year;

  • Lose weight.
centerI managed to lose a few pounds here and there. Not exactly the whole "move over for a make over" amount of pounds but enough to make me fit back into some of the clothes i used to wear . It didn't exactly started out to be a goal on itself really but rather, the main aim of it was to keep myself a *wee* bit more healthier after what's been happening in my family. So technically, i think i can say i've achieved this.

  • Spend only when 'necessary'.
I must admit, i did try...but maybe not hard enough.
  • Be more commited to my job.
Hmm. This is pretty complicated. If i were to base myself on what i feel at my workplace then of course it'd be something negative but if we look at it from another perspective, at least i'm still at the office doing what i'm supposed to do and finishing up everything. Yes, even the dreaded accounts! AH-HAH!
  • Talk less. I think i talk too much nonsense for 2007..
I stroke out half because i think i still talk a lot. I don't exactly count the exact number of words that come out from my mouth but for if i were to compare myself to last year, i feel like the nonsense level went down (leaving aside the lame parts ah! That one is exempted cause i've got a few friends who major in lame-ing.) . A few people whom i didn't see for a while said i've became somewhat..boring? Or at least that's what i think they said...

But on a personal note, i still think i talk a lot. Hahaha. So half fullfilled?
  • Be a bit more cautious with the words i use or what i say to people.
Lately, i think i've been somewhat loose with this. I do try to put things a bit more nicely to begin with but then again, there are times when certain things need to be put in a straight forward way and yes, it does affect people's feelings. But hey, you can't please every single person can you?
  • Prioritize my time more on the things that i left out on for last year.
The idea of me jotting this down was to spend more time at home with my family, spend more time doing stuffs i enjoyed doing but never gotten to do much last year. So far i think i've progressed well although something unexpected turned out earlier this year which caused 2 of my family members to be away most of the time...at least i still spend more time at home now.

  • Grow more in every aspect of my life.
Physically, i think i didn't. Hehe. I think i've stopped growing already but in terms of thinking, planning and decisions i'd say this year, i've grown more. It's not that i choose to be 'older', but at times, if you're being thrown into a situation where your thoughts and decisions matter, you've got no choice but to think a bit more and thus making you grow through exprience. I do feel like i've been robbed off my teenage years sometimes. I wish to kick back and bum around after exams, complain about classes being an arse and blog about how preparing for exams can be such pain and what not but i can't.

A friend once complimented me on how mature i've grown to be for my age. When those sentence filtered to my ears, it sounded something like "Man, you damn uncle lah!" I don't want to be too mature...at least not now, not yet. But in life, regardless of who you are, you will eventually learn to grow. It's a matter of how much you want to grow and whether you choose to.

Enough about me. How did YOUR New Year resolution go?

In Him


Len said…
i survived 4 months (exactly today) without going back to my family. how's that for a resolution?


talk soon, k!

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