God Encounters Camp 2008 Pictures

Here are the pictures taken during YDM's Youth Camp 2008 from Day 1 all the way till the last day of camp. Too bad there won't be any "Sun in the Fun" (joke!joke!) pictures from me after this as i won't be joining you guys on Friday.

Feel free to click on the thumbnails to see all the pictures hosted at my Picasa...

Pre-camp PicturesGod Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 1God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 2

God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 3God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 4

My little experience of being the photographer for this year's camp was pretty "interesting" but nevertheless, i did enjoy carrying out my task although, i think i only did 60% of my part? :P

Much props to Joel for useful tips when i needed it, Kit for filling in when i wanted my nappy time, Med-Nick, Timmy and Jack for taking my face. Hahaha! Sorry lah, photographers tend to be left out most of the time. :P

Quick update / testimony on my brother's condition, the results for his operation came in and there's no cancer detected in the tumour. :)

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