Happy Belated Birthday Little Len!

Sorry for the delay peeps. I've been trying to find a way to insert her reaction clip on the greeting video and with a little help from Kit, i managed to find out how to do it. Hehe. Plus, i tried uploading at first, but thanks to Brunei's #1 broadband services (i seriously think that Brunei's broadband is probably the only broadband that keeps disconnecting every few hours...), i had some problems doing so.

But anyway, here's the video that was compiled for Sharon's 21st birthday. The timing of her reaction (gazillion thanks to Cassy for the helping out on that!) isn't exactly accurate since i don't know the proper time frame but you can assume her reactions are roughly a few seconds late...unless she suddenly think that the people's faces back home are suddenly so funny on the computer that she just randomly laughs at them? :P

Hope you did like the video Len and hope you had fun on your 21st birthday.

Oh, I do apologize if some of you are not included in the video. It was most probably due to the fact that i didn't catch you guys while i went around recording. And also if your part / some of your parts got snipped off. Gotta work within the frame babeh! Director's cut. :P Hahaha.

(Side note: Hiiiiiiiiiii Graciousss! I see you! Haha...)
(Side side note: Bee, you look...weird! Hahahaha!!)

In Him


Len said…
ron... u should add in ur hobby list:

likes to make len cry.

sound so mean, but ITS TRUE!! i miss homeeee... ='(

talk soon k?!! i got many many story laaaa!

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