Anandee's pictures and YDM 25.05.08!

Thought i'd share these overdue pictures. It was up on my Picasa a while back...just forgot to post it up here. Enjoy!

Anandee's departure to Kuala Lumpur.

And YDM's service on the 24th of May with Joel sharing the word. Preach it brotha!

The next time you see Mr.Ang, remember it's not pronounced "TEE-YU-SION" but rather "TWO-E-SION" for the word "Tuition" and it's not "CLAH-SS" anymore but "CLEH-SS" for the word "Class". Yup, yup. We be speaking the New York.

Maybe you should offer someone two-e-sion classes as a part time job? Actualleh...eventualleh....bahahahaha!

In Him


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