On 18.06.2008...

It's been an exhausting BUT inspiring week for me. Camp was just crazy. I know we hear this almost every year, all the hype for the camp and the after camp 'after effects' but if a 4 days experience can allow so many people to have an encounter or even just a split moment with Him, then i'm sure out of so many people there, there's bound to be some who will rise up and do something BIG and EXTRAORDINARY for Him.

On a personal note, this is my first camp where i felt comfortable in areas which i thought i would never grew comfortable in. The whole 'getting out of your comfort zone' and what not. I believe all of us grew another level spiritually from this camp so yes, i still know that youth camp does not only apply to youths of a certain ages but even to adults too...as long as YOU come expecting HIM.

I can seriously go on and on about this but i'll just leave it here. I don't wanna add on to the awesome-ness God has done in the lives of the campers. If you're one of the campers for this year's camp reading this, remember to go out and share YOUR TESTIMONY of what God did there and then.

Pictures coming up soon. For now, please watch this.

In Him


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