Peelihan FM?

If yew are feewling vehry boring lateley, don't foget to chiun in Pilihan FM every Chooseday night with Izan and her weekley spehshell gas 'Cowry' (it seems to spelt that way since she's been called that way?) and have en utterly fun and grad time listening to her little "sermons" on astrologee, parenting teeps and the most recent one on saving whilelife wif the doubleyiudoubleyiueff dot o arr gee. Oh, nod forgetting our very beautifool Flaura and amazing Fownas in the hards of Borneo! In fake, i think yew can even disscover certain words wend listening to her yunik Englishh eggsen. I know i deed! Sum i thoutt ai cud never do even!

No, really.

Sheesh da bomb dominating the ehwaves every Chooseday naight! Now i need to faind a patner that's bourne the star of an Aquarium / Saggiteyrius to sheyre mai feelings?

In Him


Amilyn said…
ooooh i have found a friend! i too think that she has a very 'nice' accent. hahaha
kangta164 said…
HAHA! Trust me, you will find a lot of friends if you bring this up to random people. It's annoyingly funny somehow.
roland said…
u jus bring kurap.. he got a weird voice.
kangta164 said…
Haha voice not that bad la bro but the English man! You come back you hear Pilihan on Tuesday night...or you try listen it through online. Confirm you will laugh man..
Amilyn said…
heard her again two nights ago, telling people how to be confident. i suppose she'd know, since she can drag herself on air with such a wonderful accent. i wonder if people write in to complain.

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