"Boss! Ada kerja?"

Some local dude walked in to my office a few minutes ago asking demanding for a job. I would've given some thoughts to hire him if;

#1. He had asked properly whether there's any vacancy in the company but instead of applying even the most simplest common courtesy, he asked like as if he wanted to pick a fight with me.

#2. He had spent just a few minutes of his life preparing himself. To me, he looked like as if he just woke up, took a puff of cigarette and went around looking for a job. No, he wasn't wearing anything close to decent and his breath stank so bad of cigarettes.

#3. The person accompanying him would convince me that i should hire him instead of standing behind him, staring at me like as if he was gonna bite my head off anytime.

#4. He knew what position he wanted to apply instead of saying; "Ahh, manasajatah..."

#5. If he was a foreigner.

So, I rejected him.


In Him


Amilyn said…
hire me, hire me, i fit all requirements!!
kangta164 said…
Haha...you wanna pick stones? :P
Len said…
can play the five stones game mah!! come come... i apply also!!! and i challenge u can?
Len said…
btw.. it's called batu seremban. :D

the game with the 5 or 7 stones. so long i hvnt play!
kangta164 said…
Not using rubber seeds meh? Haha..i've got lots and lots of stones at my workplace. Play all you want...haha!
Anonymous said…
aha! me filipino can one!

i know 2 card tricks and a few lame pinoy jokes.

hire hire?
Len said…
aiya... stones, pebbles, rubber seeds... all can use one!!

but rubber seeds very light, so can fly everywhere when you throw it... :P

bah, when i go back, i go play... does that mean I'm hired?

but hire some more ppl!!! no fun play alone!!
Amilyn said…
yeah yeah hire me, josh, and sharon! ahahahhaa
Len said…
sharon, lyn and josh.. good combination wat!

Ron = manager (cos he's hiring us wat..)

sharon = supervisor (cos she's THAT brilliant!)

lyn = assistant supervisor (cos two heads are always better than one)

josh = kuli (cos it's a MAN's job le!!!)

teeheeheeeeee... ;)

apa macam, boss??
josh said…
EH!? what's a kuli?!

i don't know what a kuli is.
Len said…
kuli = the person who does all the job (almost same ranking as slave). ahaha...

btw, ron... if he applied for 'Manager' post how? :D
kangta164 said…
Then i have no choice but to go Canada and study lor. Haha! Or take over his DJ thing. :P

You all really cho bo man. Find a new hobby la...haha!

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