Look what came in today!

I would usually have this really exciting feeling inside me whenever i'm expecting a package but this morning, i got a call from the MPC Post Office saying that i've got an overdue package that i have yet to collect.

Now, the last time i did not collect my item was mostly due to the card that the post office sent got delivered to the wrong postal address thus causing a major delay and for that, i will need to wait for probably a month-ish or so for them to resend a second reminder card asking me to collect the package i.e. provided if they do not mess up the address on the card again.

So anyway, when i received that call earlier this morning, curiousity got the better side of me rather than the usual excitement of collecting a package because as far as i could remember, up to date i have never ever missed out on any of my orders or in this case, never forgotten to collect a package.


When i gave the package number to the officer at the post office, the 10 - 15 minutes duration i have to wait for them to find the package felt somewhat like a first time soon-to-be daddy waiting for his first child to be delivered...not that i've experienced it before but you know, the whole worrying + exciting + curious feeling. But then again, i might be wrong about the feeling part. Haha.

Finally, when they managed to find the package, this was what came out of their the storeroom...


The first thing that crossed my mind was...

"I don't remember ordering anything off WORD at all!"

I gotta admit that for a short moment, I almost jumped into a conclusion that it could be someone nice enough to send me overdue presents *coughs* from Australia or something...but when i checked in with Mr.Reality i knew not many of my friends would be THAT nice enough to spend a box worth of items. One cd ok lah...but one box of stuffs? Maybe only my mom would do such a thing. :P

AND THEN....i remembered THIS incident.

True enough, i was spot on. Check out the date on the box...

This package is officially 1 years and 10 months old.

Of course out of all the stuffs i've ordered which i thought went missing, the only item i didn't manage to replace was Hillsong's "God He Reigns" CD. Why that ended up being ordered in the first place was because back then, WORD had a promotion where it was cheaper to get it if you purchase it with Planetshaker's "All The I Want" DVD rather than just the CD itself. Weird huh? Plus, that time, I was actually only eyeing to get more resources on Planetshakers stuffs only. When i thought the orders went missing, i decided to get it elsewhere. Other than that 1 CD, everything else that just arrived are all extras. Oh...and except that 2006 journal too. I could clearly remember that i was sooo looking forward to that journal to arrive so i can jot down some inspiring stuffs.


But fear not, for I shall not let those extras go to waste. Some might end up in my newly started T.Bay (Tanjung Bunut E.Bay) while some will be used as presents for certain 'glorious' occassion. Otherwise, i'll just add them to my never ending CDs and DVDs collections. Hehe.

Oh yea, speaking of Planetshakers....anyone wanna tag along with me to their conference? I'm still trying to decide whether to attend the Melbourne conference one or the Perth one. Brisbane i wouldn't mind reconsidering but Adelaide and Sydney are totally out of the picture. But regardless of where i'm going, i'm sure it's going to be an awesome conference!


Oh wait....i'm 2 years late. -_-"

In Him


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