Here kitty kitty...

The other day, we found a stray kitten wandering near my Mitusbishi Lancer if not, hiding in the car's engine. We had no idea where it came from but my sister thought it probably 'tumpang' in the car's engine all the way from MD to the house.

Initially, it caused quite a havoc prior to us finding out where all the meowings came from. My sister was a bit paranoid to move the car too fearing that it might be hiding in the engine and thought she might murder the kitten so she decided to do She took a hose, switched on the water and literally tried to spray the engine. My freakin' Mitsubishi Lancer car's engine.

Of course, before any water managed to seep in the car's engine, i stopped her.

Then suddenly, we saw a little kitten stick it's head out from behind a flower vase just right in front of the car.


After seeing the little helpless kitten, both my sisters and I didn't know what to do with it so we thought it'd be best to just adopt it. Within that week, i bought some kitten biscuits, cat food, shampoo, deworming pills while my sister bought the kitten a food bowl and more cat biscuits. For a stray kitten to suddenly appear out of nowhere and be treated like some royalty, not bad already hor?

That was 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday, the stupid kitten ran off.

Now we have a whole lot of kitten foods, a food bowl and deworming pills. kitten.

In Him


josh said…
HAHA. feed it to a dog. i'm curious to find out if dogs would eat cat food.
Amilyn said…
would you like to donate the stuff to my cats? heehheee
kangta164 said…
Josh: Maybe i'll try that with the neighbour's dogs...haha!

Amilyn: Haha we'll see if there's anymore kittens appearing...just in case. :P

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