You know you come from Brunei when....

So last night i was having a conversation with my friend over MSN. We were just talking about the weather getting colder and she's just advising me that i should keep myself warm. I'm down with a flu by the way in case you guys are wondering. No, not swine. Just an ordinary flu.

Eventually we got around to talking about heaters and this is how the conversation went...

Her: Hey, you got heater in your room or not? It's really freezing...
Me: Yeah i do but it's pretty pointless. I think it's not really working properly.
Her: Really? Maybe you should go get one...
Me: But it's a waste of money to go buy one when the apartment should provide a proper one. I don't get why this heater isn't giving out as much heat as it should! I should complain to them tomorrow.
Her: You sure you set it to the right settings?
Me: There's no setting at all. It's just one on and off switch.
Her: What sort of heater is it?
Me: The bulb type one. This is stupid. It gives out minimal heat. I think my fart heat is hotter than the heat it's giving out.
Her: Bulb type of heater??
Me: Yeah it's like made of glass. You know those long type of fluorescent bulbs you get back home.
Her: Is it shaped like an 'S' type?
Me: Ya, ya!! You got these rubbish heater at your apartment too?
Her: Err, i believe that's a towel dryer....
Me: -_______- !

You just learn something new everyday don't you? So now i know i have a towel dryer and i do not need to hang my towel on the hanger anymore. I wonder what i'm gonna discover next. Oh the excitement....

(P/S: I checked the fridge this morning and saw that he got himself a pack vegetarian sausages. Impressive...)


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