Interview at 7 am!?

Picture this....

You wake up, look at the time, it's 7.00 am. You sit up from the bed and get that usual swirling, spinning feeling in your head that you normally get when you wake up. You utter a quick prayer, head to the bathroom and do the usual toilet routine while thinking about your plans for the day. After that, you proceed to the kitchen, make yourself a cup of coffee, sits down and just try to shake the morning blur-ness away while enjoying the cup of coffee.

And then, you hear the door see your flatmate walking out of his room holding on to his dear cup and plate. Yes, 7 in the morning and he looks like he just finished a feast. You mutter under your breath to yourself "Please don't talk to me...not at this time...brain don't wanna work yet..." He looks at you and greet you the usual way he's been greeting you for the past few months. A deep Indian accent "Hey...". You just give him a quick smile and continue to enjoy your coffee.

Suddenly he stops right next you. You look up to him and give him a slight look of annoyance. Maybe that look you gave him meant more of a 'Oh, he looks fine. I'll just bug him at 7 in the morning...' in his culture instead of the universal of 'Damn he looks pretty pissed at 7 in the morning. I better bugger off...'

So at 7 in the morning, here you are looking up at this Indian guy wondering what he is going to do to you. Stab you? Rub your hair and gives you the chirpiest good morning greeting? No, instead he decides to ask the weirdest question one could think of at that ungodly hour.

"What type of sausages do you eat?"

I think if this happened in Brunei, i'd be saying "Baie kali eh..." right there and then. But like i said, my brain did not want to function at all that morning. I just answered him, "The normal ones...?"

Turns out, he was happy with the answer and walked back to his room. But really, a sausage question? At 7 in the morning!? I'd prefer if he gave me chirpy good morning instead.


Nick Thien said…
What I would do?

I get a bullhorn, put it right next to your ear and in my best Robin Williams impression scream "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD MORNING, RONALD!!!"
Jr said…
His brain wasn't working either. You can't blame him..

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