"She doesn't know a thing..."

I'm not suppose to post this online because the 'celebrities' that appeared in this clip refused to have this posted online. But i choose to be a bit samseng so i'm risking it to show you guys. It is part of my work anyway. :P This is the clip that we did for our media production video assignment few weeks back. It's was extremely hard to squeeze what we had into 2 minutes 30 seconds so a lot of good stuffs had to be snipped off.

I'm moving on to doing radio now which isn't as exciting as filming yet but who knows maybe in weeks to come. All i know for now is that we need to come up with radio scripts to do radio drama. I mean really, who still listens to radio drama these days?


Nick Thien said…
You should subscribe to some podcasts on iTunes to get an idea how much radio drama or just audio media is doing.

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