While on my way back from Sg. Liang...

After attending my uncle's funeral, I happened to see a Daihatsu Sirion car (i think that was the model) which was in front of me, driving at quite a fast speed in the rain when it suddenly skidded off the highway road, banged the railway to it's right, then made a 360 degrees spin followed by another bang to the railway on the left side of the road and then a half spin of the car till it finally stopped with the car facing the opposite side of the road. The reaction of the car driver and his 2 passengers were priceless.

The first thing that came to my mind when i saw the car skidded was "Bowh!" followed by a number of "Oh shoot!", "Oooh!!" and "Oh no!" when all the banging and skidding occur. Then it slowly sinked in that that was the first time i've seen an accident happening right before my eyes...the one thing that i've always wanted to see and not be part of it.

It also happened to be the most exicting 1 minute of my life...ever! Hehe.

Good thing was that nobody got hurt. Dude shouldn't have driven so fast in the first place. Tsk tsk.

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Amilyn said…

banging here and there, and nobody got hurt. WOW.

were you at a position where you might have gotten involved should the car have skidded towards u? hehe
kangta164 said…
I'm not sure if they were hurt cause when i drove past them, they were still in the car but could clearly tell they were in shock. The car was just right in front of me actually. If i had been stupid and drove at a fast speed, i think i could end up crashing into them.

But then again, part of me was a bit paranoid about the part where the car might've skidded around and face me and then come towards me...that is so gonna suck cause my car don't have airbags. Hahaha!

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