August Rush

If you love music, YOU MUST watch this. If you play the guitar or if you're inspired by guitars, YOU MUST watch this. If you play in an orchestra, YOU MUST watch this. If you think Freddie Highmore is adorable, YOU MUST watch this. Haha. Ok, that sounded weird but i think that kid is adorable in so many ways. He's got the whole angelic / innocent face like how Haley Joel Osment used to have when he was a kid. (Note: USED TO!) I just think he looks weird now. Anyway, back to what i was i was saying about this movie, if you really do appreciate music, August Rush will just simply inspire you to appreciate it even more. I really suggest all musicians to just find yourself a copy of this DVD and watch it when you feel bored of your instruments.

I also don't know how i ended up buying this movie. I was just browsing around the "Orange Shop" in Seri Q-lap Mall (they have a branch in KB too by the way!) looking for some movie that might give me the same 'feeling' when i watched Little Manhattan and The Ultimate Gift and i came across this DVD. I think there's just something about the quote in the front cover of the DVD that really caught my attention and surprise surprise, August Rush did deliver that 'feeling'. Initially i thought it was going to be a musical movie like Sweeny Todd or Hairspray but no, this is not a musical movie. It's just about how a young boy named Evan Taylor / August Rush (Freddie Highmore's character) listened to the music around him and went on a quest to find his parents whom he got seperated from 11 years ago. As the journey went on, he soon realized that there's a musical genius inside of him.

"I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. Open your heart and listen. You'll believe it too!" - August Rush

Chim hor the quote? :P

So if you're totally clueless on what DVD you should invest in, this will definitely lighten up your mood for the day after you're done with it. By the way, there's this actor name Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this movie that reminded me of Will Young for some reason. Okay, just thought i'd point that out. Haha. August Rush, two thumbs up for me!

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