Happy Birthday to ME! :D

I seriously don't know where to begin. A day which pretty much started off just like any other ordinary day turned out to be a delightful surprise indeed to celebrate my 21st birthday. Honestly i wasn't planning on doing any major celebration despite numerous comments saying that being 21 is a big deal but hey, i guess it's always a big deal as long as it's your birthday regardless of what age your celebrating? You live healthily to celebrate another extra year, that itself is already a good reason to make a big deal out of. Anyway, maybe it's the whole "getting older syndrome" that sort of makes you want to kick back, relax and just not really bother about what your plans are for your birthday, what food to make, who to call, where to celebrate and so on. I do wish to apologize to those who smsed me but did not get any response or reply from me.

Many thanks to Frank for attempting to get back at me after sabo-ing him for his 30th brithday with the help of Ben. And to those who gave me a light surprise just right after midnight.

Much love to my family; Mummy, Bro, Sis Carissa and Sis Sharon...love you all!

Ben, Kee, Tow, Jamie (Frank's girlfriend!), Frank and Shia. Thanks! :)

Not forgetting those who smsed me; Caroline, Matt, Farah, Yus, Mirul, Joel (for the phone call too whom i mistakenly thought was some lost Filipino dude calling the wrong number at first), Lu, Stephen, Janet, Mun, Nikki, Bim, Bee, Aunty Linda, May, Ms.Ong, Yuan, Michelle Tan, Drey (for the call too...miss you lots), Joyce, Clyde & Chel (I want the pics yes?), Aunty Dorine, Gracious, Natty, Dian (for the very very special cake indeed), Wendy (for the 3 cupcakes in the afternoon), Blessy, Shasha, Wes, Brian and Brice. Also there's those who managed to spend a few minutes to jot down a few words or two for me on their blogs, special & dearest Little Len for 2 phone calls and the present, Ches-Ches, Bro & Sis again, Becky.E and dongseng Lina .
Then there's those who greeted me on my Facebook; Raymond, Ishamina, Metis, Pip, 2 of my rakan sebaya Noreen and Basira, Alvin, Mona, Josh Lap, Sarah, Renesh, Caitlyn, Chingy, Josh Lew, Laurice, Simon, Siti, Melanie, Haddy and Vonne.

Oh those who managed to turn up for the surprise (which i had to admit was well planned but just played by not so good actors :P) whose names are not in too; Lorene (for staying way past your curfew! Thanks! ^^;), Kit, Nick, Tim, Anandy, T, Ray, Jackson and Teck for the late call.

I'm the 21st Ron i think. Makes me wonder who's the 20th Ron and then the 19th Ron and so on... :P

Last but not least, those who made quick calls / tagged / MSN-ed me, those quick short messages also made me feel extra special; Sam, Amy, Amilyn, She Eng, Cassy, Wee Leong, Stephz, Sharen, Kae, San Fui and Sheerah.

Ah, i think that should be all. If i did leave your name out, i do apologize but do let me know cause it's been a fantastic day for me, i do not wish to leave any names out (or at least i try not to!). I can only thank God for blessing me with such friends and family. Forgive me if this entry sound like some award winning speech. I doubt even those Oscars winner can get this precise. Haha.

All in all, i'm thankful enough to be fed with 1 medium cake, 3 cupcakes, 1 mini-sized cake and a large cheescake decorated with Barney, Power Rangers and some other cartoons. Again, thank you so so much for making my 21st birthday a memorable one.

Oh and for waxing my legs too. *shrugs*

Now i wish the next 4 weeks would come faster.

In Him


Amilyn said…
i can feel your gratitude towards everyone alllll the way across the phone lines........ wait. do adsl connections use phone lines? ah i dunno lah, im not a computer person.

yes yes, you deserve an award for your speech. best of the best. hahaha =) happy birthday again!
Nikki said…
Mehehehehe... That was fun last night.

You didn't mention Ariel on your cake with the speech bubble "RU 21 now? Can U handle me?"!!!! I thought that was the best part of the cake! Hahaha

You're welcome Ron. :) Hope you like your pressie we got you. Now you can smell like a MANLEH MAN. Eventhough you have funny looking legs now. :D
Anonymous said…
Will you allow this kitchen buddy to wish you a belated birthday too? God bless you in this beautiful day and your days to come.
kangta164 said…
Amilyn: Hehe..thanks a lot! :)

Nikki: Hahaha...i totally forgot that part...which is a good thing i thinkg. :P Thanks for the present!

Kitchen Buddy: Of course you are! Thanks a lot even though it's a late one. :) Hope you're doing fine there! Come back soon. Btw, this year i'm not in the F&B for camp cause you're not around...haha! But i'll still help out la... ^^;

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