Who's stone got pholen!?

Last week, i managed to have lunch with one of my ex-classmate(haha!) who's still currently doing her studies in UBD. It felt great to catch up with her as we were pretty close during highschool, plus it's been more than a year since i've last seen her. I don't know about you guys but personally for me, i do know i have a handful of friends whom i can just sit down and talk to easily without having awkward silence regardless of whether we've seen each other for the past gazillion year or so. It's just like continuing our conversation where we left it yesterday.

So there we were sitting and having our lunch when she decided to tell me about her life in the university. I've never been there so i might be wrong but i do notice this (generally speaking)....

The population of Bruneians suffering from Brunei "tourette" syndrome is increasing!

For those who don't know what tourette syndrome is...

"Tourette syndrome (TS) is an inherited disorder of the nervous system characterized by repeated involuntary movements and uncontrollable vocal (phonic) sounds called tics. In a few patients, such tics can include inappropriate words and phrases.

I know i'm suffering from it as well. Not a serious case but i find it quite amusing sometime hearing people pronouncing words that's totally off. So there i was, having lunch with my ex-classmate when she blurted out about how most of her classmates have problem pronouncing certain words. By the way, do note that this is just for entertainment purposes so please don't get offended. I'm not dissin' anyone of their grammar or English language because I can assure you, even my English IS SUCK sometimes! Just like how my mentor taught me the "one coin is jump" magic! (inside joke)

So back to the story, she was telling me on how her course required them to give presentations and stuff like that and surprisingly, there are some people who don't really know how to pronounce certain words especially when it comes to words that end with a "-th" at the back. For example:

"The birth rate and death rate of blah blah.."

If you're suffering from the Brunei tourette syndrome, it'll come out sounding something like this...

"The bird rat and dead rat of blah blah..".

Serious! Oh and once i was sitting on RBA from Singapore back to Brunei when the steward decided to address us...

"Good afternoon to all flight passengers, welcome to flight BIxxx departing from Singapore to Brunei. *inserts the typical aircraft speech*. Please make sure that all electronic devices are switched off before take off and landing because it might interfere with the aircraft INJIN..."

And also not forgetting numerous times where people come to my magic shop and asked me...

"Eh friend, you got coyin (coin) magic?"

"Do u sell this d*ck of cards?"

"Scuse, do you have the jimmick (gimmick) that can make the money fly?"

But like i said, everyone suffers from that sometimes. I was driving down to Miri with a few of my friends the other day when the song "New York, New York" started playing. One of them asked, "Eh who originally sung this song ah?"

I blurted out...

"Sank Finatra!"

In Him


Chester said…
Hehe but saying Sank Finatra isn't the same as mispronouncing a word. The former is just a slip of the tongue. Mispronouncing something is either just ignorance, or a language barrier, or simply an accent thing.
kangta164 said…
Haha...i classify them as Brunei tourettes! :P

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