Pirates of the Currybean!

Managed to catch Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End" last night with my friends. Not a big fan of it...don't think i'll ever be one. I think i've watched the very first Pirates of the Caribbean "The Curse of the Black Pearl" which was okay but never attempted the second one "Dead Man's Chest".

Been getting different reactions from different people for this one. Some say the movie was great. Some say it was okay. Others would say it's too long and majority would say "Ahhh, Orlando Bloom is so hot!" It was pretty amusing to hear the ladies in the cinema gasp for breath when Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) emerge himself from the water. No doubt he's hot but hey, i thought Chow Yun Fat was equally hot too. Haha...

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Afterall, he used to be the God of Gambler back in Hong Kong wat? Heh..
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Dou San!

I won't say that this is a bad movie. Thumbs up for the great effects and acting. The downside for me wasm it just felt like in order to get into the whole scene you have to diligently listen to what they're talking about otherwise you won't know why or what they're doing. So anyway, if you're looking for comedy, action, horror & love all in one movie, then i'd reckon you go watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

And let's not forget too, it's someone's birthday today..

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Couldn't find a solo picture of you / with you Ms. Sharon Cheong Oi Len but i'm sure this picture will do just fine. Good times...good times yes? It's been a blessing for me to know you and woe is me for not being able to get your present on time. Woe is me...haha! Enjoy your birthday now! :)

In Him

Emo note: I've learned that what you see isn't always what you will get...and that applies to your closest friend too. :)


Anonymous said…
dude! you look like you're ready to pounce on your friend and lick him! hehehe..
kangta164 said…
Lol...i also dunno why i did that. That was wayy back when i was in Form 5. Hahaha!

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