Thank You!

My very first birthday cake without wordings and candles. Big thank you to Aunty Beth!! :)

Definitely a memorable birthday this year. Many thanks to those who have sent birthday wishes through smses, calls, msn, greetings and leaving messages on my tagboard. I would love to list all the names out here but then again, i'm afraid i might accidentally leave some names out which is not a really nice thing to instead i'll just play safe and go with the celebrity type of thank you wishes.. "You know who you are..." :P

But no-lah, seriously...i really appreciate the well wishes and gifts. It's time like these i just wish i never grew up in a country which abides to the M.I.B law so i could give each and everyone of you a big fat juicy kiss on this special day!

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Thank YOU for making my birthday so memorable!

In Him


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