How would you feel if your protector happens to just disappear? Not referring protector to a guardian / bodyguard but let's say...like a piece of shell? Try picturing this:

20 years of your life, this protector of yours have been protecting you faithfully. Whatever that comes close to your vulnarable skin, this shell of yours will protect it with what it has to offer...then all of a sudden, because of a little mistake, it's gone. Temporarily i hope. Ever thought of that?

I found out first hand what it feels like. The first feeling was definitely excruciating. Then the more u look at it, you'll feel *gggaahh!* (no idea how exactly to explain that sort of feeling). Then the 'aftermath feeling' of it would be pretty weird. Know what i'm talking about?


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I lost half of my toe-nail while adjusting the darn sofa in my house. And it bloody hurts. That's my raw emotion when my aunt decided it's best to snip off the dangling piece of nail. I'm a real man's man babeh!

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Now my toe is half naked and it feels really weird. You wanna know how it feels like? Do this to either one of your fingernails. Pinch on whichever nail real hard in the center till it hurts and then apply pressure on that finger immediately. That's how it feels except it stays there for a long time. Oh by the way, if you think the second picture is bad enough then i really wouldn't want you to look at the CLOSEUP PICTURE of my naked toe!

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Oh so sexy!

At least i find the whole macro-thing still pretty cool with my T3 Camera.

In Him


Unknown said…
im not so much freaked out by ur semi decapitated toe nail as i am by ur sexy sexy toe hair..haha.

ps. happy belated birthday, sweets.
tengish said…
HAHA oh so sexy indeed XP i once sanded my fingernail on the disc sander at school but it wasnt as bad as yours.
kangta164 said…
greencatslie: now that you've mentioned that, i come to realize the toe hair is pretty sexy..haha! glad to hear you're still alive and well babes! thanks! :)

tengish: well at least fingernail ain't that bad yea? you still can control your finger movement but i can't control my toe!! :(
Chester said…
Dear Lord!

I feel... faint...

*Plops on the floor*

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