I'm stress-free!

Setting the record straight, no i did not dye my hair..that was a really old picture of me but hey, what's wrong with that hair anyway?

Being 20 years old didn't really started off that great for me especially at a time like now where i'm so stressed out with work. I am most likely going to be updating a post regarding myjob because i don't think there's much people around my age whom i know is working in the same field but i'd be glad to meet one soon *hopefully*.

I've been trying to deal with the stresses lately and apparently, i find that jogging or taking long walk does help a lot. All you need to do is get some good songs, good running shoes and you're good to go.

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Damuan Park

If i'm not mistaken, the very last time i came here was way back when i was a kid. Back then, dad always brought the whole family here for family outings while he just take endless jogs. Think i'm taking after my dad pretty well...
For now, i've decided to spend at least 1 hour a day to just take time out from everything in life and just jog. So far it's been good and i hope it won't just stop after a week. It is tiring and hard to kick start such habit but i guess nothing is always easy.

Well, that's one alternative. Another option to release stress would obviously be one of my favourites...SHOPPING!

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Couldn't resist the Sony Ericsson W880i

Speaking of shopping, a happy belated birthday to Mrs. Rachel Keasberry *May 5th yes? :D* Bwahahahaha! Sorry but i'm REALLY stressed out if you know what i mean..

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