You know how it's funny to joke with your friends about being sick so you can get the whole "MC" (Medical Cert) to get out of job for the day? Well, it's cool to joke about it...but when you really fall sick, it's not cool at all. Yes, i am sick at the moment. It kinda started off with a little itch in the throat where you feel like it's getting dry, then it somehow becomes a blocked nose the next day. The day after that, you start to get a bit of phlegm in your chest and your lungs kinda provoke you to cough it all out but you get this little scary feeling back in your pathetic little mind that whenever you try to cough it hard, you're afraid that blood will shoot out instead of the plegm? Yes, weird thoughts...

That's how i usually get sick and the ironic part of it all is i knew i was going to get sick...but i didn't do much about it.

Oh and don't you just hate it when you're all fine and well, your phone seems to be dead but then when you're half dead trying to get some sleep, that little moment where you go like "Ahh...yes, finally i get to rest for a while" your phone just starts to ring. And throughout the whole time where you're sleeping, messages just starts coming in, people just starts to call you out of the blue. Talk about timing...

I just hate the feeling of being sick.

Anyway, i've been getting a few remarks from my friends on my goatee / beard. I wouldn't know what to classify that in the first place cause for me i just look at it as little hairs growing out of my chin. It's neither a fashion statement nor am i going for a new look whatsoever. It's a sign of grief over my dad's passing. I got it from Pastor Andy about a pastor he knew who left his beard grew for 40 days after his wife passed away. It's not original la but still i'd thought it be cool if someone just comment on my chin hair (Heh, sounds really weird) and i remember about my dad. With that on it makes me look older and in a way feel much older. Part of me feel like shaving it off immediately after 40 days but the other part of me just think it'd be cool to leave it on longer so i can get people to talk to me like i'm 35 years old or something.

On a brighter side, i am doing fine in case you are wondering. I know there are a lot of questions that most of you would want to ask about losing a dad. I have yet to think of a proper testimony to write down about going through all these. At least i think it'd be great to understand a bit here and there on life especially how i cope with all of these spiritually, mentally and physically. My email is always open if you need some answers.

So i'd say here's a new chapter of life. Being 19, without an earthly father by side, i'm ready to face the challenges. Bring it on babeh!

Well at least wait till i'm feeling better.

In Him


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