I'm not really good a giving reviews on stuff but let's just say for the movie 300, if you haven't seen it, it's worth the money. If you happen to stay in a place where there's an Imax theatre around, that'll be much better because this movie is full of effects that's bound to wow you (from what i've heard only lah..not like there's a Imax theatre over here..) but even WITHOUT Imax vision, i'm really impressed enough with all the heads flying off and blood spluttering around.

Do take note that a good movie from Ron doesn't really means ALL of you would enjoy this. No, no...like what Simon Cowell would say "I'm just being honest here.." i wouldn't recommend this movie for minors or girls (like "girly girls" that adores ponies and butterflies...sorry not being sexist but that's the best i can describe the type of girls who definitely won't like this...) due to the following reasons:

1. Throughout the whole movie, you'd be seeing half naked guys with good body figures.

2. And because of that, your mind might start to stray away from the storyline and you'll start hunting for cute "Spartans" in the movie and start drooling over every scene of him in it.

3. The effects in the movie are just wonderful for the eyes of a guy..which means for minors and girls, you might really want to consider seeing heads flying around in this movie. Like literally seeing heads being chopped off and then spinning in the air.

4. 70% of the time, you'd be hearing the 'voice of a real man'. In this movie, Gerard Butler's thunderous voice will just makes everyone think that shouting is in fact...pretty cool all of a sudden.

That's as far as i could go without trying to ruin much of the movie. There are a few things about this movie that kinda bug me a little here and there. I know the storyline of this movie is based on ancient battle but a scenes of this movie, they threw in the whole old rhyming thing which i didn't like cause most part of the movie they spoke in normal English. And to have some counsel guy putting her hands on the queen is just ridiculous. It gets more edgy on that part of the scene but i don't think putting in up here would be a good idea.

Anyway, highlights for this movie would be liking all their catchy phrase which i thought is pretty cool. Like "Prepare for glory! and Tonight we dine in hell! (which i mistakenly thought Gerard Butler was yelling "Tonight we die in hell.." for some reason before noticing the right phrase on the poster outside..) stuff like that which kinda stick in your head for a while after the movie. Hehe...but overrall, i'd say this has got to be one of the best movie for 2007 since there's a lot more good movies coming out.

I'm still curious on how this movie would be like when being watched in an Imax cinema. Just in case you don't know what's an Imax cinema, it's those cinema where they make you wear this specs where one side is red and the other is blue to bring the whole 3-D thing more realistic. Well at least much to my knowledge that is. Like i said earlier on, even without being in an Imax theatre i'm already impressed with the movie. But i'd piss my pants to see blood spluttering straight on me for this movie.

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The effects are so good it makes The Matrix looks just plain silly.

That's my take on 300. A lot of good horror movies are showing too but when it comes to movies like The Haunted School and Unholy Matrimony, it seems like i can never find a company. You want?

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