HP Pavilion A5098D

I seriously think when God created me, he forgot to put enough patience in me. Meet the newest member in my room. My latest gadget of HP Pavilion A9508D that comes with a really slick 19 inch HP LCD Monitor. Yes, i bought it the very next day after i blogged about it because apparently i did not have a good night sleep after blogging about it. I do not know much about computers but boy when i saw this, it's like love at first sight. Funny how love can be exaggerated to the extend of using it between a human and a computer? I must be getting really really lonely. Haha.

I haven't quite got the chance to sit down the whole day and explore this PC yet due to many commitments but *hopefully* if this Saturday is not a working day for me, i think i'm gonna stay up the whole night tomorrow fondling with it. Still adjusting my eyes to this extremely large screen. I'm dying to watch the next Prison Break episode on this new PC.

So that's one down, 78333124 items more to go!

On a happier note, someone just got another year older. A very Happy Belated Birthday to...

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Sarah Tay
Hope you've had a blast celebrating your birthday! :)

Will be heading up to Temburong tomorrow. I just dread the long boat ride there.

In Him


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