The Road by Road of Resistance.

I just turned 24 years old. If you didn't know, i'm currently majoring in video production from my Bachelor of Communication Studies. I'm hoping with my major, i will put all that i have learnt into producing documentaries. Documentaries for a cause. Any good cause that the mainstream media does not have time for.

And for my birthday wish this year, i want all of you to spare me 45 minutes of your time and watch this clip. After that, all you need to do is grab the link and share it on whatever social networking website accounts you are on.

THE ROAD from Road of Resistance on Vimeo.

Honestly, it's docos like these that inspires me so much. Hidden stories that the world really needs to know and be aware of. For those of you who breathe sighs of relief after hearing horror stories from the past (such as Hitler and the Nazis and the Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation era) and think to yourself saying "thank god that was in the past", you need to know those events were real and sadly, they are still happening right now...inside Burma. They're rarely being reported on mainstream media. These are people trapped, tortured, raped and murdered in their own motherland, Burma. No way in, no way out just running in circles for the rest of their lives...

A thought for you that will temporary burst your little perfect bubble world and let you hit hard on reality.. Imagine if your whole life you grew up living in a life that is constantly on the run from people that you know once you're caught will torture, rape and murder you and your family. The worst part is you do not know when. It can happen any time and any where.

What would you do?

Leave some comments after watching this and let me hear some thoughts.


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