I frequently think about death...

I'm not gonna lie but since young, i've always been thinking about death. Not that i'm suicidal or anything but the thoughts are usually filled with curiosity. Sometimes whenever i think too much about it, i tend to scare myself and end up getting sweaty palms and an increased heart rate. Plus, the topic about death itself is pretty depressing so it's not ideally a topic to talk about with your friends nor is it an ideal table talk discussion over dinner with family. Imagine if your dad comes home, sits down on the dining table and instead of asking you how your day was, he asks "So, what do you think about dying?"

What about death do i normally think about? There are a few thoughts that i constantly think about and they are mostly linked to each other. Let's start of with the first one; the feeling of being dead.

Not my question...

We all can feel everything right now. But what happens when we're dead? Can we still use our senses like how we normally do right now? Some people say that when you're dead, the feeling is exactly like you're in a deep sleep. But of course, no one know for sure.

The other part thought that normally gets my heart racing is thinking about how the world will just move on after you're dead. So you're dead, buried and your friends and family mourn for you. But probably for few weeks or months only cause after that, they'll get on with their lives. And then day by day, months after months, people eventually forgets about you. After years, those who once knew you will eventually die themselves and then the knowledge of your existence eventually vanishes into thin air. All that is remained of you in this earthly world is a tombstone with your name engraved, skulls inside the ground  but no one will know who you were, what you did, who your friends / family were, what you've been through, etc unless if you were once a megastar like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.

And then comes the thought of being left out with what else the future has in store. We're enjoying what technology has to offer right now. The latest iPhones, comfort of the internet, amazing computers, realistic games, Facebook, riding the latest cars, going to the newest theme parks, going on holidays in different places and more. I'm sure in 10 years time, there's gonna be more cooler stuffs that has yet to be invented, new places that has yet to be explored, better games to experience. The thought of dying today and not knowing what i'm going to miss out on tomorrow is just too...sad.

But of course everyone has their own views on death. Some people don't like thinking/talking about it. Some people think it's stupid to even address it. Some let religion do all the talking. Others just laugh at it.

Truth is we will all die eventually even though some of us wish to live forever. So while you're still alive, why keep frowning now and get all depress over little things that really don't matter? There's so many things to look forward to. Let us all live life to the fullest and laugh our way to the end.


Nick Thien said…
I think for me death was never an issue. But what death sometimes robs us of, which is time is what I personally feel is what I think about when speaking of death. I think about what could have been or how you wish that this person was alive to just experience life another day.

But then, for me death itself isn't a scary thing. I'm not afraid of it coming even if it comes tomorrow. The only thing that I would wish for if that ever did come around was that I could be a husband and a father before I go. That's all I think about death.
ronckk said…
Nice take on it Nick! I think that's also the part where most people fear. It's not death itself but more on not being able to be a husband / father / grandfather. :)
Anonymous said…
Have you ever been unconscious before?
When you regain consciousness you lose track of time,you don't know whether you were out for five minutes or five hours.
That is what death feels like but it is forever.

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