Snippets of my childhood

Every now and then, I love reminiscing something from my childhood or the past especially when it comes out of the blue. Most of the time it's always affiliated with an object, movies or a certain food i haven't had in ages.

Lion King musical

Like when i went to Disneyland Hong Kong and saw a live performance of The Lion King, it reminded  me of my childhood days when both my friend Audrey and I got into the Lion King craze. I bought the sing-a-long book that came with the CD and sang it almost everyday. I also remembered a funny incident (if not mistaken i believe it was in Singapore) where we went shoe shopping. There was a pair of shoes that has The Lion King imprinted on it and Audrey was determined to get them. But after trying several sizes and realizing they were meant for kids, she was extremely disappointed not with the lack of shoe sizes but her feet instead.

And then there was my favorite snack that my grandma used to buy me whenever i visited her in Hong Kong. The delicious smell can easily trigger memories of me holding my grandma's hand while i was waiting impatiently for the pedlar to finish cooking up a very simple, yet amazing snack that i loved.

"Gai Dan Jai" or ball waffles
Whenever i smell or see this, i remember my grandma who showered me with love, always carrying me around everywhere and holding my hand.

Just the other day, i also happened to remember another interesting moment when i was thinking about my childhood. If you guys grew up in Brunei, i believe at one point there was phase where most of the kids were getting into Polly Pocket. And if you're a girl, chances are you might own one of these...

Polly Pocket pencil case

If you really did have one of these back then....i hate you. Why? Because i remembered a few of my classmates had these back then and i was SOOOOO jealous of them. I know, i know it's a girl thing but  my theory was if there's a boy doll in it, it's also meant for boys too. But to avoid being ridiculed by my male classmates, i held back in getting them. At least not the pencil case type. I remembered my family and Audrey's family took a trip to Singapore and i went out shopping with Audrey and her mom. Right before we left, Audrey's mom asked me if i wanted to get something and without hesitation, i took the chance to get myself my OWN Polly Pocket. I thought to myself since i did not want to get the exact  same stuff which my classmates had, i decide to go with something none of them had. The thought of them being green with envy put a huge smile on my face and the more i thought of which type of Polly Pocket girls would like, my selection got carried away.

I finally came down to a selection and when i presented this to Audrey's mom to pay for it, i remembered seeing her worried face, looking at me and asking if i'm sure this is what i really wanted. I said yes. The next thing i know, i'm a proud owner of a Polly Pocket.

A pink heart shaped Polly Pocket! FML 100x
Yes, i chose that particular model. Now when i think back, i think i know why my brother used to tease me calling me a "pondan".  But hey, did i ever mention i was pretty popular with the girls back in primary school?

What about you guys? Any fond memories of your favorite stuffs when growing up?


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