It's been four years...

Me & dad back in 2005

It's the only way i can remember you. Pictures of you. I only regret not taking enough with you as i grew older thinking it would be 'awkward' to ask you for a picture.

I can only allow my thoughts to wonder about the things you would say to me today. Things like whether or not you would be proud of how i've done so far or the advises you would give me with starting my career very soon. I miss listening to all your stories about growing up overseas and your struggle with moving around. I miss you telling me not to spend too much money and constantly reminding me to count my blessings. I miss answering your phone calls while you are busy with something else and letting you know who called you after you're done. I miss hearing you doing a random hissing sound whenever you climb up and down the stairs in the house. I miss those days where you would bring the family out for yum char on Sundays.

But most of all, i miss you a lot dad.


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