If i were given a chance to turn back time, the one thing i would do is to grow up with an ambition. Actually, let me rephrase that. If i were given a chance to turn back time, the one thing i would do is to grow up with a REALISTIC ambition. I really envy some of my friends who grew up with ambitions like being a doctor, lawyer, radio dj, teacher and so on because with such ambitions, it definitely did set a clearer path for their life.

I am currently doing my degree in Communication Studies and although it is fun and i am definitely enjoying my course at the moment, it dawned on me at the crossroad of choosing a major for this degree. That was where it made me realized how important ambitions are. I admit i did have one when i was younger and that was to be a singer. But that was or is pretty much everybody's dream. To be famous. Well, at least some were smart to realize that the dream of being famous can be quite impossible and learned to let go and strive for more realistic careers. So that's what i did. Instead of wanting to be a singer, i later decided to become...a professional wrestler.

But of course that was short-lived because my dad would always snap me back into reality each time i try to fight over the tv at night to watch WWE when he wanted to watch either his Formula 1, soccer or golf. So there i was, left with no ambition and taking life as it is. Having said that, i have ventured into the hospitality world and dreaded it. Worked as a businessman and loathed it. Now i am into my second year of doing Communication Studies and have recently decided that the wisest thing to do as a career out of the options that i can choose from is to do PR. As adventurous as i may wish to be, i did think of majoring in TV initially and be an aspiring documentary filmmaker. But being put in this situation where i know money is an issue and time is limited, my common sense just tell me to venture into something where the odds of getting a career in that particular field is higher as compared to the other. Sometimes, we all just have to let circumstances decide for us.

What about you? Do you have an ambition?


Len said…
strange but true, i know the feeling. I grew up with my parents steering me towards the educational field. But, alas, that proved to caused me more misery than inspiration. Choosing Human Services over education is somewhat a drastic choice, but i love what i do. I guess, when it comes down to ambitions, it may work for some and it may turned out to something totally opposite for others. Good luck with this course, though. ;)
Louise said…
Hi there!
I'm about to move to New Zealand in July to study at AUT and also live in the Wellesley area.. I'm just wondering if you have any tip about living in Wellesley? For how long are you staying there?

/Louise from Sweden
Unknown said…
hello ronald cheng,

this is Leosofie kasim writing

i havent seen you in quite a while, but coming across your blog has made me feel like i know something about you a bit better, you seem to keep up with writing well and reflect very well on life in general. this may feel like a random entry to your blog but in some ways i could feel how you felt about this whole 'ambition' thing and theres a lot of things i can relate to..

i left for australia in 2004 without telling any of SAS classmates bcoz i was uncertain of what things hold for the future. What i was certain of was that i was sick of school and was not keen in joining MD so the alternative?

i met a few Oz missionaries and joined a missional organzation centred in central country NSW and (to cut a long story short) it totaled up to 6 years worth of studying stuff from the bible, god, people, society, life, music, work, etc. i did not expect Australia but i think God must have...surely....

as far as ambition goes, i think theres just way too many factors in life, that prevent us from taking it in a linear way.... not because i believe that life is a random jackpot machine...but i believe that life is a gift that God has given us to make good use for in the world. For me, it turned out that God is not a puppeteer pulling our 'puppet strings', but he lavishes us with gifts and talents with hope that we will use it to bring glory to his name.....

one of best advices anyone ever told me was from a good friend in outback Australia, (where theres more flies and kangaroos than the population of the world...)

he said "destiny does not come to those who wait"

just because i wasnt good at school doesnt mean ive failed altogether (at least i think so). rather than think the could've beens and could've, id rather think about what these hands should be doing at this point of time....

and its not as if you cant sing and do communcations work at the same time, i reckon do all you want to do and feel good about doing it.... its not a anti-statement to ambition.....its a statement for living life!

so there you have long whingeing ranters...its been nice to be able to write it as comment on your blog

wish you well in your travels and im sure we'll see each other at some point...

God bless
kangta164 said…
Leo! Mate you don't know how surprise i was reading your comment here. It's sure has been a long while since i have last seen you too bro.

Man, i never really understood why you left Brunei just like that but now that you just briefly mentioned about your 6 years being soaked in God's presence, i am just in awe at how mature God has shaped you to be today.

This entry was just briefly written cause i felt lost for a split second about my future career. It seemed like everyone is on their way to their ambition while i on the other hand is still juggling with mine. Hence, i decided to just jot down cause of frustrations building up. But anyway, I do agree with you that we are all made to bring glory to His name. That's why he created us in the first place.

Bro, i'm really excited to hear more about what God has been doing with you and would love to catch up with you over email. Do drop me an email whenver you're free! ronald.kkcheng(at)

Hope to see you soon.

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