A post for Haiti

I may not know anyone who's from Haiti nor have i heard of the place before this earthquake catastrophe but my heart is filled with sorrow whenever i watch the news coverage on this event. Although most of the time, i would usually shut myself off from this sort of news and just continue on with my life, being 23 this year and having the privilege of enjoying simple luxuries in life like for example typing on this laptop right now, where some of the Haitians might have not even touched one before and is already dead, it certainly does bug me a lot to just harden my heart and not contribute anything at all.

Well i know for sure neither of us have the money like celebrities nor are we high profile people to kick start a campaign to help people out but i do encourage you that if you have ways to contribute to help out Haiti, please do so. Big or small, it doesn't really matter at all as long as you've done your part in contributing. I've got some friends back in Auckland raising funds by shaving themselves bald and i'm talking about girl friends. That sure takes a lot of courage. I love my hair too much to even let my own girlfriend take a snip out of it so to have it shave bald, it definitely has to be a life & death situation for me.

Do know the world is praying for you Haiti and only God can give you the comfort and peace for the ones you have lost.


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