Hello 2010!

I'm still having a blast here in Michigan. It's been a very fast 3 weeks for me here and I've still got another 6 more weeks to go before heading back to Auckland and resuming uni. As much fun as i'm having right now, the only downside to being on a long holiday is getting too used to being a bum and not doing anything productive. But i'm definitely sure i'll be missing moments like these once uni work starts piling up.

On another note, my brother will be going for an operation tomorrow to remove some remaining tumors in his body. I just hope and pray it will be a smooth operation and that it will also be his last operation ever. Do keep him in prayers.

I hope everyone had a good new year celebration. Here's a picture of me having some ice. It's not yellow snow so don't feel too gross out about that.


Ah Chan said…
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Ah Chan said…
I opened my mouth when I saw this pic of yours. Your teeth not freezing cold after biting it meh???....aiyeeeee. Ahahahahaha...happy new year btw

- Kelvin -

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