Garlic chicken in plum sauce

Since i've been so clueless on what to update this blog with considering i haven't been doing much, i thought why not share a recipe or two with you guys since i've been doing some cooking for my friends here. Plus, i don't want you guys to think i've been sucked into moving to Tumblr that i'm closing this blog down too.

So so, for some of you who are like me that get bored of not knowing what to cook for your meals, maybe you can try your hands on this recipe that i got from my mom. You will need;

- Chicken wings or chicken breasts. (ideally chicken wings would taste better with this, but if you're gonna be feeding Caucasians make sure they know how to eat chicken wings. Not everyone knows how to eat chicken wings which is a major culture shock for me here. Hahaha! Otherwise, chicken breasts would be just fine.)
- Plum sauce (get the sweet type not the ones that have spicy taste or the extremely sour ones. The ones that usually says 'great for dipping' would be perfect)
- Fresh garlic or ready made minced garlic
- Corn flour or corn starch
- White flour
- Soy sauce
- Eggs
- Cooking oil.

Now on how to cook em! Do note that there's no specific measurements that i'm going to use here cause the taste would usually come from the plum sauce that you'll use.

1. First up, slice the chicken breast in thin strips.

2. Once you've done that, crack up an egg or two if you're feeding more. Beat the eggs together with some soy sauce and marinate the meat so the meat won't taste too bland. Pour in some corn starch / corn flour so it'll be crispy inside when you deep fry them later. Put some pepper if you want a hint of spiciness. Go nasty now. Mix them all with your hands. Squish em. Once that's done, let it rest.

3. Put the chicken aside and cut up some garlic. If you like garlic, do more. If you're lazy to spend 1 hour opening up garlic and chopping them up, try find some ready made minced garlic (dry ones) in your local store.

4. Pour out some white flour and start coating the chicken in the white flour. Shake off excess flour.

5. Heat up some oil. Make sure they're really hot and then deep fry them.

7. Once they're done put them aside to cool down. Be warned that if you do leave them unattended, the quantity of the chicken may decrease drastically.

8. Heat up a bit of oil in a fying pan and pan fry the garlic to golden brown. Make sure the oil is hot before you throw in the garlic otherwise, the garlic may end up being soggy instead of crispy.

9. Lastly, in a new pan, heat up the plum sauce and throw the fried garlic in. Once it's hot, lower down the fire and throw in the chicken. Mix them up good and you're good to go. If your chicken taste a bit sour-ish because of the plum sauce, put some honey in and stir it up to even out the taste. Once you have the taste to your liking, it's ready to serve.

Relatively easy to make. Make sure to give yourself 2 hours to prepare if you're using fresh garlic because the peeling and chopping can take up quite some time. If you're using electrical stove to cook, you might need longer time to prepare as deep fying the chicken may also take up a lot of time. Tip is to get the chicken cooked first as the sauce can be done within 10 minutes or so.  Have fun with it!


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