Hello from Michigan!

After 2 days of flying like crazy, i have finally arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan! It's my first trip to the States and everything seems surreal here. Stuffs that i used to watch on movies, the culture, the people, the snow, the weather, all those that was once fantasy and a dream for me are like literally around me right now. It's just crazy. I'm really having a blast right now surrounded with wonderful people who are just absolutely amazing. Although the funny thing i noticed ever since being here though is how the animals are attracted to me. LOL!

My first experience of doing multiple transits and flyover wasn't too bad. To be honest though, the only thing i was really paranoid with the whole flying bit was not being able to make it to my final destination. One more tip, if you are flying and you do listen to music, the 2 songs that i've decided to take it off my iTunes playlist is Jason Mraz's "Plane" and The Moffatts' "If Life Is So Short" cause those are definitely not the best songs to calm you down when flying. I was quite happy with how my body worked though cause everyone was telling me how i'll be badly jet lagged when i reached here but i think i wasn't that badly affected. I didn't sleep much throughout the flight here other than taking minor naps every now and then, longest nap was 4 hours? I'm not sure if the 'no jet lag' pills helped much but i took around 8 of them throughout the trip. Maybe it did help a bit. I don't really know.

So it's 8 more days till Christmas. I've got pretty much everything that i have dreamed of for Christmas this year. For me, this Christmas is definitely going to be the most memorable Christmas ever. :)


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