Hello again...from Auckland!

I finally made my way back to Auckland over the weekend and funny thing about this trip back was i never realized how painful your butt can get when sitting on a 10 hours flight? Seriously, my first trip to Auckland wasn't too bad nor was my return trip from Auckland to Singapore but it's just this trip when i flew back from Singapore that made me feel like i had a full butt workout from sitting too long. Stood up on the flight for an hour or so didn't really helped much either cause the moment i sat back down, i felt the sore on my butt. I also bought of one those neck rest support pillow from Changi since some people recommend them when flying long haul flights. I still think i can sleep slightly better with my neck falling back and forth instead of having something to support your neck. At least when you're falling asleep without that neck support thing, you know you were having a good sleep when your head falls from one side to the other that shakes you up. Haha.

It's been a quiet week so far since coming back other than having to move my stuffs out from my room from one apartment to the other. Prior to that, i was hoping they would be nice enough to let me keep my room throughout summer just so i don't need to move my stuffs but apparently, in order for me to stay there, i have to be a disabled person cause they're trying to keep most disabled people in that section. For a moment, i was thinking i should have approached them in a retarded way just so that they would think i'm retarded. That way, they might probably let me keep my room. Other than that, another exciting 'moment' for me since coming back was getting robbed when i was taking a shower.

I knew my housemates had left me and moved to the new apartment for the summer so i had a rough idea that it might be empty. Last i remembered, my Sri Lankan housemate emailed me and told me he helped me moved all my stuffs that was in the common area to the new place. I kinda figured out i had nothing at all for me to use. After reaching the apartment at about close to 2 am due to me being held up by the immigration at the airport for having my student visa in my old passport, i reached home and texted my housemate and hoped he would still be awake. 5 mins later, Sri Lankan kid came barging in and welcomed me back like as though i bought him a lifetime supply of rice or something. Went over to the new apartment to check out the differences and was not exactly impresed with it. Anyway, i decided to take a few stuffs with me just so i don't need to buy anything the next day and i found out that my udon noodles was still uneaten. Awesome udon noodles.

Took 3 packets of that and some coffee over to the old apartment and slept. I ate 1 packet of it the next day and saved 2 for the day after. On Monday, which happened to be the cleaning day of my old apartment someone opened up my room door while i was sleeping which of course woke me up. So before i thought someone was gonna rob me or something, i thought it'd be better to get my whole transfer of apartment thing sorted out first. I walked out of my room and went into the shower. Right as i entered, i heard someone coming in from the front door talking and stuff so i assumed it was the cleaner. As i turned on the tap water, i heard fast paced footsteps walking out the door which made me worried cause they must have really thought the whole unit was empty and whatever that's left behind are free for them. Then i realized i didn't lock my room door and started thinking what if they took my stuffs from the room. Took a quick shower and walked out and guess what i saw? An empty packet of my udon noodles lying on the floor. I remembered eating only one packet the day before so there's supposed to be two packets left. Then i turned around and saw only my coffee left. I rushed straight for my room while picturing the worst case scenario ever with my bed flipped upside down and my cupboards empty and stuff but thankfully everything was left untouched.

Got myself changed and took all my valuable stuffs with me i.e. my laptop, phone and money and went downstair to clarify things about the whole moving bit. Just as i walked out the front door, i saw some of the cleaners. Huge sized Maori people smiling at me. I smiled back and went down.

Hmm, i don't wish to discriminate but if i am not allowed to say Maori people stole my stuffs then maybe i can say, the cleaners helped themselves to my food without my permission...? Oh and just so you know, right now i am staying with 1 Kenyan, 1 Indian Malaysian (ma-chaaa!), 1 Sri Lankan and another Indian. I don't exactly feel like i'm in New Zealand when i'm at home.


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