A post for mummy...

What would you do if you have one million dollars? What would you do if you have all the money in the world? What would you spend on? Those questions always pop up every now and then between friends. Either you did the asking or you've been asked. I used to say if i had all the money in the world, i'd spend it on all the things that probably all of you have ever thought of buying. Yeah, all those stuffs that you're thinking of right now. But now if you were to ask me that question, i'd give you another answer.

If i have the money, all i wanna do is take my mom for a good long vacation. I'll take her to all the places that my dad once promised her he'll take her once he retires but too bad he kinda retired a bit too early. I just think mom needs a well deserved break after all that she's been through. Taking time out from the constant updates on my brother's condition i just want to brag about how amazing my mom is. If someone were to ask me to describe my mom in one word, i would say she's really a woman of faith. Faith in a sense that for a woman who have a limited amount of vocabulary in her knowledge, she managed to make her way to Hong Kong and Singapore with my sick brother. Faith in a sense that not knowing what to do in a life threatening situation, all she did was to pray. Faith in a sense that knowing she herself have asthma and a weak body, she is still risking her own health by traveling to and from the hospital every single day looking after bro even though she herself needs some rest.

Honestly, i know there's a whole lot more of other burdens my mom has to carry especially over the past few years after dad left us. For a woman who literally grew up living in the jungle (as she would always describe herself) to being who she is today never cease to amaze me.

Realistically, i guess i will never have a million dollar anytime soon come or even close to it i.e. unless i test my luck with this BIBD Wish contest. Then again, i have never in my life gotten anything from any lucky draws at all so you can say my luck runs out pretty fast. Haha. Right now, all i can do is pray that God will continue to bless her with good health so that she can really live to that day where she can go to places she always wanted to go, eat the food she always wanted to eat and just really live the remaining days of her life without having to stress anymore.

So here's to you mummy. Happy 54th birthday with lots and lots and lots of love!


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