Bigger than your average thigh

Today bro will be doing his first out of three chemotherapy until Saturday. After his sessions of chemotherapy, they will proceed on with his stem cell transplant. Do pray for all his sessions to run smoothly and that he won't feel much of the side effects because the nurse mentioned that this upcoming session of chemotherapy is going to be very different from all the chemotherapy he has done.

Meanwhile, here's an update on how bro's leg look like. You can see that his right thigh is still huge.

Mom decided to take 2 weeks off from Singapore to take a rest although i know mentally, her mind will still be constantly worrying about my brother's condition. So far day one without mom at the hospital wasn't too bad. I think i can manage handling the big guy. I mean worse case scenario, i'll just ditch him and let him fend for himself. Haha. I kid, i kid. But indeed it sure made me realize a whole lot what mom had to deal with and go through when she was here all alone.

So far things are okay. Nurses informed that the first week of this whole chemotherapy won't have much of an effect yet. Things will only kick in right around the second week when his body starts reacting to all the medicines. Praise God for what He has done for us. Indeed, He has see us through so much and i believe He will continue to see us through.

We'll never understand life at all. We all have our own war to go through. Just when we think our life is miserable, a slight insight of how others go through their own war may give us a glimmer of hope. Here's the blog of an adorable girl battling her own war with cancer.

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

Regardless, God is still an awesome God. Some of us just haven't realized it...yet. But eventually, we will once He show us the bigger picture.


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