Who's your daddy?

"What is it about God that makes people nervous? You can have the most awesome time in the world with a bunch of people talking about practically every little thing that crosses you mind and the moment you insert the God or Jesus into the conversation, things suddenly feel awkward."

That was last week's sermon shared by Pastor Alan Meyers. He added something interesting which i thought was relevantly true i.e. we are all living as 'secret agent' for Jesus. Publicly, we are conforming to the world but deep inside us, we claim to be Christians. We secretly 'do things for Christ' but tries to keep it as low profile as ever so that our friends won't find out about us. He also asked why is it difficult for the human heart to draw near to God?

It all goes back to how we paint God in our head. When you see or hear the word God, which picture do you have in mind?
Or perhaps this is the God you have in mind?

You see, our hearts were created to be like a living room where it's all comfortable and cozy. You can chill and watch your favorite tv show and just do what you would usually do. It is also created as a lounge room where you can relax and listen to your favorite music while reading your favorite book. Our hearts were also created to be as a bedroom where we can take our rest and sleep peacefully. But the one thing that our hearts are never meant to be made for is a courtroom. That is why we tremble when we hear about God because we feel like we are relating ourselves to a Father Judge.

We feel as though God is a grumpy old judge who's just finding every fault in us, waiting to sentence us to a lifetime imprisonment for all the wrongs we've commited. Unfortunately, there will come a day where judgment will be made. People always think that certain things we do in life can be done with no consequences at all. Umm, think again.

And then there's John 3:16. We all know this verse by hard. For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. God sent Jesus to die for our sins. By having Jesus into our lives, He has dug us out from our grave of sin and from eternal damnation. All He wants us to do is repent of our sins, turn from our ways and start afresh. God takes pride in creating us in the first place just as how your parents are proud of bringing you into the world. Think about this. Your mom did not 'accidentally' give birth to you. If she did not want you in the first place, you wouldn't be reading this. Sin crept into our lives and robbed us away from God but because God loves us, he sent His only Son to bring us back to Him. Don't let sin rob you away from your loving Father the second time. Make the right choice.

You see God do not want to judge us. That's the last thing He would want to do to us but because there is Christ, there is still mercy on us and mercy triumphs over judgment (James 2:13). So, let go of the judge thing.

It is safe to come home now.


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