Aye, b, c, d, e, f, g....





I think those words are starting to bug me. I'm fine if it's coming from people who can pull it off nicely but not when it's coming from people who think they sound Kiwi just by throwing those words at the very end of each sentence they use. Like literally every sentence.

Me: "So, where to for lunch?"
X: "I don't know aye"
Me: "Well, how about Subway?"
X: "Aye?"
Me: "I said, how about Subbbbwayyyyy...."
X: "Oh, i thought you say Jollibee aye."

Then again, i was guilty of trying out the whole 'aye' thing but after hearing how ridiculous people sound like when they "aye" their way around, i've decide to just cut it off. As racist as this may sound, it was never quite a problem for me at all until one of my Indian friend started going full out with the 'aye' thing. If that is not bad enough, his 'aye' came with an Indian accent.

Surrounded by 'aye', 'eh', 'ey' or however you wanna spell them, after a while it sounds like that's the only word they use for all the sentence they make.

Just like Anne from Little Britain. EHH EHHH EHHHHH! Well, whenever i hear Asian using too much of the "aye", this pops in to my head...

"Dui ni ai ai ai bu wannnn"

I'm still pretty happy with using my good ol classic "HARRRRR?!" whenever. LOL!

(P/S: In case you're wondering, no there is no Jollibee here in Auckland. That was just a bad example used...)


Unknown said…
I hope I'm not one of those that you say that can't pull off the 'aye' thing ehhh! :)

Devonport mandate. Next week. When weather is good...we GO!

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