Rugby is a religion here...

Just got back from helping out with a children's program over at Remuera. It was crazy seeing kids of all ages getting so competetive with their little rugby games. There was around 400 kids altogether in the program and i was assigned as a team leader to 20 kids. Honestly, the kids there are probably the most energetic bunch i have ever seen. Most of them were ready by 9 am and started running around the whole day non stop. Rugby balls flying here and there, kids tackling each other and rugby talks here and there. Man, I got tired easily just by looking at them. I'm glad that a few of my friends were nice enough in to help out in this event too.

I think every school holidays, there's always this rugby event going on for the kids to spend their break and seems like those who signed up do enjoy it a lot. They know what they're suppose to do, where they're suppose to go, etc which makes my task as a team leader a lot more easier. All i needed to do was to cheer them on and randomly select who to go first. It's funny how they asked me to pick out who the starters are and then followed up by random shouts of "Sir, pick me!! Sir, pick me!!" Such polite kids.

My main highlight of the program was watching them do the All Blacks' Haka especially the really young ones.

Haka of the All Blacks
Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora' Ka ora'
Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora Ka ora
Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru
Nāna i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā
Upane... Upane
Upane Kaupane"
Whiti te rā,!
I die, I die
I live, I live
I die, I die,
I live, I live,
This is the hairy man
Who caused the sun to shine again for me
Up the ladder, up the ladder
Up to the top
The sun shines!

It's amazing to see how these kids are just so into the sport. I mean really, some of them are still excited about going to their rugby training right after the program. A pure display of commitment definitely. I've still got 2 more days to go with the program before the weekend and then uni begins next week. Man, the holidays blew by just like that. Oh i had my first taste of playing touch rugby two days ago and it was kinda fun. Not as extreme as rugby but a lot of teamwork required. Who knows by the end of this camp, i might just get somewhat hooked on to rugby? Yeah, Ron and rugby. LOL! On a not so great news, i think my Lumix camera might be a goner after my water bottle leaked in my bag and soaked the camera. My precious Lumix.



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