It's beginning to look a lot like...

CHRISTMAS! Well, not really but it hailed today. Brunei boy got a little over excited about this strange weather phenomena. This would probably be the closest i'd ever come to playing with snow.

See that guy in the right? He's my flatmate. I find him kinda weird at times. The other day, i was reading the instruction from the box of a frozen meal 'cause i wanted to know how long i should defrost the meal in the microwave. He walks up to me thinking that i do not know how to operate the microwave oven, looked at my box and showed me how to do it. 

Except that he kinda read the instructions on how to defrost it using the conventional oven way.

Can you imagine how weird it is for me to look at a microwave oven heating nothing inside for 6 minutes and having to place my frozen meal in it to 'cook' for 2 minutes after the 'oven' was all heated up? Of course my frozen meal didn't cook after letting it rest for another extra 2 minutes so he insisted that the 'oven' we had was spoiled.

Just for the record, i told him it was hailing but he gave me that look and smartly told me "No, no, you don't know. It's raining ice cubes that's what it is..."


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