Brunei on The Simpsons....4 years later!

The last time i remembered Brunei being mentioned in The Simpsons was like way back in 2005. Dang, 4 years later and i'm still watching this cartoon. Oh and for some reason, they keep picking on HM. I think he watches it too.


josh said…
there was one once with George Bush or something... and then his secretary or something asked if he wanted to go to Brunei blablabla... and then George Bush was like "yeehaw we're going to brunei!
kangta164 said…
That's the one but it's not George Bush. It's the redneck guy on Simpsons. LOL!

"You want me to attend the funeral of the Sultan of Brunei?" or something like that. Haha. The video i posted 4 years ago died...

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