Life ain't easy

Mom and bro left for Hong Kong today. As they walked in the departure gates, so much emotions and thoughts went through my mind. Part of me felt really scared for him as i really do not know what to expect from this treatment nor what the outcome of it will be like. It also felt like a layer of protection that has been covering me just got torn away which made me feel a bit...insecure. I know i haven't been the best younger brother but i know throughout my years of growing up, bro has always been keeping an eye out for me. So as he went in the departure gates, it felt like as if my 'other life insurance' just expired and can't be renewed for the time being.

I also worry for my mom's health, how is she going to cope with the cold weather in Hong Kong and how much longer can she take emotionally, physically and mentally. Another part of me felt like a bigger responsibilty have been placed over my shoulders with 2 of my sisters to look out for, family's car to send for repairs, house expenses / bills to settle and maintenance of the house. With so much emotions and thoughts shooting me at one shot, all i could do was...cry.

To think that this could be going on for at least another half a year or so...

God i need You.

In Him


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