About miracles

I'm sure some of you might have faced this situation in life before. There will come a time where you'll be facing a crisis and there's nothign you can do to control the situation. Yes, we are human made of flesh and blood and our capabilities are limited. So what would you do if such crisis gets thrown in your face? As a Christian, i've been taught to pray and to let God handle the situation. And so i did. I've heard a lot of testimonies from other people about how God answered prayers by sending miracles. But then again, it's always 'other people' and not you. Eventually, you will get tired of hoping for a miracle.

Over the past few days, i've been thinking a lot about issues that i face in life. Sometimes i wonder what's up with God? Why is He always picking on me? Why isn't He answering my prayers and showing me miracles? Are there even such things as miracles?

As i ponder upon that question, i read this;

The role miracles play in the life of the believer is awesome. God is not our servant. God is our Sovereign. God isn't going to do anything that ultimately is not for our best good. When we pray and Heaven seems to be silent, it is because God's plan is bigger and better than we can see at the moment. But somewhere along the way God gives us experiences that build our faith that serve as watersheds along our life's journey.

God gives us these events whether they be miracles or mountaintop experiences so that when we come to those difficult times when we pray but nothing seems to come from our prayers, we can say with confidence, "I know God is with me. God has been with me before and I know God is with me now."

Miracles happen, but they happen for a specific reason to build our faith. So, if you pray for the home team to win and they do not, or if it rains on your daughter's wedding day, in spite of all the time you have spent on your knees, remember this isn't what miracles are about anyway. Miracles are about helping us trust God.

He never fails to amaze me.

In Him


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