Why ah..?

Why is it that when some people say certain things, it's okay but when you say that certain things, it's not okay?

Or why is it that that when some people throw a tantrum, people around shrug it off and say let him/her be but when you throw a bit of that tantrum, you'll end up getting judge?

Why some people get the right to give constructive criticism and in response, they say he / she's helping out but when you tend to give a bit of constructive criticsm too, people say you're trying to be smart?

Or why when some people do something they're not suppose to, other people just 'close one eye' and pretend that they didn't know anything but when you do the same, you're being labelled?

Why when some people say he / she will wait for you, you'll end up believing him / her only to find out in the end you've been deceived but when it's someone else who's been there for you all these while, you step back and think twice?

Or why some people like to assume certain things when it's not really what it seems like it, but when it comes to obvious things that can be assumed, they say they can't just simply assume things?

And why some people are just such pain in the....?


Anonymous said…
You are right about the whys? We all are critics in many ways and assume too many things. Yet, we all sometimes need them to grow and other times we' rather not have any at all. It also proves how hypocritical we all are. Something I need to learn myself is to be less critic and more optimistic. Thanks for the blog!
Nick Thien said…
Why is it whenever I want to post a comment they give me such a long string of letters.. I'm happy just doing 5.. but it rarely goes lower than 8...

For this comment I'm doing 7... so it's fine... cdcdkpf :P
lychee said…
I wish I know too...

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